Wondercon 2013

Self-portait. Outfit details: H&M chiffon open back dress, Urban Outfitters floral net tights, Guess sunglasses, La Marelle metal bow necklace, Dr Martens white 8-eye boots, T-shirt & Jeans geometric printed knapsack.

Self-portait. Detail of the back of the dress. Outfit details: H&M chiffon open back dress, Urban Outfitters floral net tights, Guess sunglasses, La Marelle metal bow necklace, Dr Martens white 8-eye boots.

Self-portait. Outfit details: H&M chiffon open back dress, Urban Outfitters floral net tights, Guess sunglasses, La Marelle metal bow necklace.

Self-portait. Detail of Guess glasses.

Self-portait. Outfit details: Urban Outfitters floral net tights, Dr Martens white 8-eye boots.H&M dress // UO floral tights // Guess glasses // La Marelle necklace (gift) // Dr Martens boots // T-shirt & Jeans bag

Off I went to my first ever Wondercon this year. It was set at the Anaheim Convention Center, and I was quite surprised when I saw a fellow convention go-er while waiting for the two-hour long bus journey from downtown LA to Anaheim! He had on a spiderman jacket and when he boarded the bus in front of me, I spied all sorts of fandom geekery on his wallet. That, and he and another stranger got to chatting when he confirmed his destination. I have to say, I think I make a pretty decent creep spy…

I didn’t dare chat them up on the bus; I’ve always felt caught between worlds. I read graphic novels, watch animation and mainstream media, but I can’t remember trivia about my favourite characters most of the time. Hell, sometimes I don’t even remember the names of my favourite characters. My interest in something pales so much in comparison when I see the fiery passion lurking behind some of the people I’ve met, that it makes me feel ashamed to profess a decent liking of something sometimes. But perhaps I’m overanalysing things.

Anyway, on to the event! I met up with Shamis, my trusty convention buddy for the past two years. It’s awesome having someone to meander through the alleys of exhibit halls with.

My professional badge for Wondercon 2013 at the registration.I got invited to Wondercon as a professional, and couldn’t resist taking a photo of my ‘achievements’. X3

The Cosplayers

Dr. Who phone booth dress cosplay at Wondercon 2013.She was the most beautiful Dr. Who cosplayer I’d ever laid eyes on. I love every element of her outfit!

Joker Elvis cosplayer at Wondercon 2013.There were a handful of Joker cosplayers as usual, but Joker Elvis took the cake at Wondercon.

Period cosplayers at Wondercon 2013.I have no idea what these duo was cosplaying from, but I was appreciative of the detail and fabric of their costumes.

Sesame Street's Count cosplayer taking photographs at Wondercon 2013.Sesame Street’s Count cosplayer taking photographs.

My Little Pony cosplay from a dog at Wondercon 2013.

My Little Pony cosplay from a dog at Wondercon 2013.This little doggy though, stole the show with its My Little Pony getup. I felt a little sorry for it though.

The Food

Hot dog with mustard for sustenance at Wondercon 2013.This was it. But it was the best overpriced hot dog Shamis and I had for the entire convention.

The Geekery

Star Wars vs Star Trek debate panel at Wondercon 2013.Shamis and I attended a Star Wars vs Star Trek debate panel, and when it came to round three, I just couldn’t contain my excitement at seeing my two favourite characters from both shows- C3PO from Star Wars vs Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Wall-E droid at Wondercon 2013.The good people at Astro Mech created real-life droids of R2-D2 and Wall-E. IT WAS AMAZING.

Princess interacts with R2-D2 droid from Star Wars at Wondercon 2013.This little princess was afraid of them at first, but her parents encouraged her to overcome the uncanny valley with R2.

R2-D2 droids queueing outside the panel at Wondercon 2013.My second panel at Wondercon was the R2 Builders, who did a showcase of all the droids they had at the event, and answered questions on building your own. They have free blueprints at their site, and boasted variations such as actual movable arms and antenna.

Pop culture matryoshka (nesting dolls) by Stephen Silver at Wondercon 2013.I was fascinated by the digitally-printed drawings that Stephen Silver did on these matryoshkas. He said they were done from England I think.

Shamis with Stephen Silver at Wondercon 2013.Here is Shamis with Stephen Silver, and his autographed sketch book.

Pascal Campion at Wondercon 2013.I was awfully creepy when I saw Pascal Campion in the flesh! I’ve been following his very pretty tumblr for a while now. SO MUCH REPRESSED SQUEE.

Wool toys and a giant wool T-rex at Wondercon 2013.

Wool toys at Wondercon 2013.

Wool toys at Wondercon 2013.Some awesome wool toys at woolbuddy‘s super cute booth.

Minecraft and moustache supplies at Wondercon 2013.Minecraft and moustache supplies.

Life-sized shuttle pod from Oblivion the movie at Wondercon 2013.Life-sized shuttle pod from Oblivion.

One Piece figurine at Wondercon 2013.Not forgetting a little bit of anime. Franky from One Piece! I really need to catch up from where I last stopped…

Drawing demonstration on a larger-than-life tablet at Wondercon 2013.

Drawing demonstration on a larger-than-life tablet at Wondercon 2013.Drawing demonstration of Ryu from Street Fighters on a larger-than-life tablet. So. Cool.

Wuvable Oaf character at Wondercon 2013.Wuvable Oaf is wuvable.

Dinner at Pasadena

Sushi for dinner at Old Town Pasadena.I forgot where we had sushi at, but it boasted a conveyor belt with little boats carrying the dishes round and round.

And then it was down to 21 Choices (which had an awfully long queue), to find out what the fuss was about:

Interior of 21 Choices at Pasadena.We finally got into the shop interior after queueing for so long; the staff were incredibly friendly and were giving out samples of their special mixes. Needless to say, I got every one of them. XD

Boy looks on behind the glass pane as frozen yogurt is being made at 21 Choices in Pasadena.My favourite photo from the batch.

Making of frozen yogurt at 21 Choices in Pasadena.Making of the yogurt. They basically take all the toppings and crush them together with the yogurt base. And then you get to choose a non-crushed topping on top. As usual, I got sprinkles in mine.

Frozen yogurt from 21 Choices in Pasadena.I forgot what I got, but this small cup was way too big for how 21 Choices makes their yogurt. I remember regretting not getting the très small, which would have been perfect without me getting tired of all the yogurt I had.

Self-timer picture at the end of the day.

By the way, my hairstyle? Totally inspired from seeing Camay’s awesome up-do at the Lookbook party the previous night. ♥

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