Winter Blooms x Banggood Coats

I’ve been inspired to doodle in this post, thanks to my latest partnership with Banggood - that site boasts over 70,000 items! Lately, I’ve been browsing the winter section while window shopping online, thanks to my upcoming trip to Japan (it’s going to be exciting with Shasha and Ruru as my trip-mates!) Dressing for the cold is always an issue for me since I usually find myself underestimating the chill in order to look stylish, but it’s a good thing I shelled out for a very pretty knit coat from Zara a while back for my trip to South Africa. Doesn’t mean that my roving eyes can’t get more of stylish winter overlays though.

Here are some of the coats I picked out from Banggood’s winter series, re-using my tiger girl avatar to style them with some of my existing wardrobe pieces. I also paired the outfits with some studies of wintry flowers, just because. The huge variety of florals have always incited my curiosity, so this is a pretty good opportunity to learn more about them. I’ve also missed messing around with my art supplies so.

Winter coat series fashion illustration and Bergenia floral illustration. Inspired by: Women Slim Pinched Waist Long Coat Upscale Warm Woolen Overcoat

Winter coat series fashion illustration and Galanthus (Snowdrop) floral illustration. Inspired by: Women Winter Double Breasted Wool Slim Warm Long Coat (Red)

Winter coat series fashion illustration and Nerine floral illustration. Inspired by: Women Casual Navy Wind Hooded Female Horn Button Woolen Coat

Drawing small has certainly intrigued me, and I think I’ll want to try my hand in that direction (as seen in the last picture). It’s not that far a jump from my writing, which has been observed to be ant-sized, and which was the strangest reason I’ve ever made a friend in Shamis because we shared the same small writing that one time. :)

Stay tuned for more!

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