What Do I Live For?

A while ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Desmond of Imprfct, for What do I live for?, in which he poses five deceivingly simple questions to some pretty awesome people, and I’m honoured to be among them in the archives. Thanks Desmond! XD

I recently heard a reading of John Gray and Immortality, and was struck by it.

The paradox is that it is only because we die, that we can understand the value of immortality.

And that is why I live.

My perspective on existentialism here.

On perhaps a nod to the frailty of life and the hardiness of the human skull, here’s the rest of the photo that was in there, plus commentary on recent body modifications due to general stupidity on my part (it’s the stupid stuff that inevitably amuses though):

Yep, my hair is long. Even my housemate of nine months exclaimed in surprise at my hair one night, and asked if I had gotten extensions.

Nope, my hair just grows like the wild. ^^;


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