Wet Weather







First of all, I LOVE MY TIGHTS HOW AMAZING ARE THEY?!?! I wore this to visit some relatives, and sure, they were the initial topic of conversation, which lead to the eventual shaking of heads at my penchant for outfits that veer towards being just-a-little-bit-weird, but it was largely positive feedback, and some of my aunts even enquired as to where I got them from. Well, these rainy day tights were part of a christmas package Evy sent my way, in addition to all the awesome stuff she has a knack for heaping onto me every year.

I mean, just look at this heap of awesome!

Call me officially in love. ♥


Forever 21 top & skirt
Moe printed tights
Mixit mary jane heels
Gap glasses

Photos assisted by Ottie.

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