Wearing Pink for the Memories

Animated gif of me trying to balance two mandarin oranges on her head.

OOTD pink dress, brown mary jane heels from Mixit, and Notice Magazine necklace via Chictopia.

Back of my dress features a lace-up ribbon.

oranges for eyes.

It’s the last day of the Lunar New Year today, so I thought I should post what I wore on the first day of. It’s good luck to wear something new and red for the new year,  but my family doesn’t adhere to superstitions much. I’d feel wasteful adding to my wardrobe when I’ve already got everything that I need and more, especially after getting re-acquainted with my extensive wardrobe recently. I mean, look at this dress, it’s like brand new. Granted, this is because my everyday style does not include an extremely girly dress; photographic evidence even shows that I wore this as early as 2006:

xmas2006Leaves, Eve, and me during the Christmas of ’06.

Looking at myself from eight years ago is so embarrassing… although I am torn about which is more cringe-worthy- that eight year old photo, or this video that showcases my awesome, awesome dance moves.

Hey, if I’m to be put into a super girly dress, drastic measures have to be put in place to balance my inner peace of mind.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! Apparently it’s also the chinese Valentine’s Day (元宵节), so it’s double the chocolates, I presume.


Notice Mag turquoise necklace (via Chictopia)
Mixit mary jane heels

Photos assisted by Ottie.

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