Vivienne Westwood Tights

Yet another outfit in black – boringggg. Or is it? I spiced up the monotony through my seldom-worn Vivienne Westwood scribbly tights I got in Japan and floral bag from Dressin. I’ve mentioned before how alarming it’s been to find myself gravitating towards the lack of colour, wondering if it’s a sign of aging or just plain complacency. Or perhaps I’m recently discovering the ways to wear black that I’ve been slightly obsessing over it (as I’m wont to do). Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

Floral black monochrome outfit for summer style.

I really like it when all-black outfits play with silhouettes, though I think that I seldom do that myself. Have always been more of a colours kind of person. Also, I’ve always been more partial to grey, that in-between tonal value, despite my recent foray into black.

Anyway, this white brick wall was not to be passed up when I went by it after lunch with Pa. It’s been a while since he’s assisted me in my vanity project.

Floral black monochrome outfit for summer style.

Floral black monochrome outfit for summer style.

Floral black monochrome outfit for summer style.

Floral bag and patterned Vivienne Westwood tights.I just love how bouncy these platform loafers are! Am definitely bringing them along to my upcoming trip – am going to be walking in these babies all over Japan. Soon~ ♥

Floral bowling bag c/o Dressin
Backless shift dress – H&M
Patterned tights – Vivienne Westwood
Gold chain collar necklace – Forever 21
Monique sneakers (platform loafers) – Spurr

Outfit photos assisted by Pa.

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