Vanitee x CNY: The Nailartasaurus

I was offered a coupon to try Vanitee over the weekend, and promptly took it up – because why not. It’s not everyday that I entrust the pampering of myself to others after all. Hell, I don’t even go for facials, partly because my mind is lost forever in the proverbial gutter, and you’re better off if you have no idea what I meant by that. Um, moving on.

For those not in the know, Vanitee is a mobile app which connects clients to trusted and verified artists offering beauty services for nails, hair, makeup, and lash extensions (which by the way, I didn’t even know was a thing). I decided to take the safest route as a beauty n00b and all-round wuss, since I’m trying to change as little as possible before I go on another milestone trip next month. *supersekrit shenanigans*

Vanitee app nail works by various nailists in Singapore.

So there I was browsing the multitude of nail works by nailists and coming to the startling realisation that there were so many of them in our tiny island, when I chanced upon one by The Nailartasaurus featuring beautiful renditions of The Great Wave off Kanagawa (from the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji) by ukiyo-e master Hokusai. I was smitten.

I immediately launched a chat conversation with Michelle of The Nailartasaurus via the app, and we discussed what I wanted, the total price, and her advice for my first time getting gel manicures. Michelle was quick to respond and crystal clear on the top-up price required for the complex nail art for both my thumbs, as well as advising against 3D nail art for my first gel manicure experience. I’m pretty rough with my hands anyway, so I had no intention of getting them, but I appreciated her sincere and thoughtful advice even though painting solids on the rest of my fingers cost way less than blinging them out. It was a refreshing experience compared to so many salons which try to push more expensive packages onto customers.

The Nailartasaurus Hokusai The Great Wave gel nails, sapphire engagement ring, Tokyo Tower hokusai postcard.Here are my nails with a spoofy postcard I couldn’t help but get at Tokyo Tower last year! I love these awesome nails. The Hokusai prints on both my thumbs were $15 each, on top of her base cost of $38 for a Classic Gel Manicure. It’s already been 3 days and none of the polish has chipped the slightest, even with all the scrubbing I put my hands through, because germs. Michelle also advised that with a clear base, I would be able to keep this design for about a month even after my nails grow out. Viva gel polish!

Flatlay blue gel nails by The Nailartasaurus via Vanitee for Chinese New Year.One of my resolutions this year is to read some of the books purchased last year. Here’s Robert A. Heinlein’s Friday, which is on the top of my list after I’m done with the library books I borrowed! My reading tastes run towards fantasy fiction, but I’m trying to diversify to other genres over the past years – I remember reading quite a bit of non-fiction in 2012; Thinking, Fast and Slow and Sex on Six Legs are some memorable reads, but have always stuck to fantasy (read: the Discworld series) when it comes to world-building. Sir Terry Pratchett’s death hit me pretty hard last year, but it also motivated me to widen my horizons.

Anyway! Vanitee has also very kindly offered to my readers a free Beauty Kit from VanityTrove worth $30 when you use the promo code PUPURENCNY on any Vanitee booking made by 14 February 2016! How great is that?! Download the app and get your bookings done pronto!

Also, for those wondering why my festive nail colour is blue this year, check out my CNY outfit preview! Can I just say that Chinese New Year is looking good this year. 😁👍

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