Tie, Thai, Taitai Disco Prom Night

I’d wanted to wear an ugly tie for the theme, but then I’d also wanted to wear the new headband I’d bought in Japan, which trumped the tie, so I tied the shirt tails together and hoped for the best :P

… On the way there I met Ally and she totally heck cared about the dress theme. Win!

✿ black tube top: mugigae
✿ salmon shirt: handed down from Tintin
✿ dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ black beaded slippers: bus stop
✿ gold leaves headband: paris kids (Japan)

Can’t wait to grow my hair out so that these headbands won’t look so awkward! Also, apparently hair is supposed to cover the ears when wearing such headbands, but what the hey.

You can see a little of the bright blue eye liner I haphazardly put on in this blurry picture. The pencil powder smeared all over my lashes, but I kinda liked that it did :P

I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of putting gunk on my eyes. And it’s such a pain to remove! There have been occasions where I blinded myself by rubbing makeup remover onto my corneas. But I’ll learn someday! There’s so many interesting things to draw on the face, and eyes are one of the most important features…

What I wore earlier in the morning for the convocation ceremony. The salmon shirt was the only item in the outfit that I continued to wear later in the night.

Yulz & Yif as tai tais! I love Yif’s just-enough-bling and just-enough-wealth look sia~
Also, probably the only shot I took of the back view of the Thai disco.

Shasha in the bg, Lix and her flower in the hair, and Yulz.

Lix is so damn cute! I have a theory that curly-haired people have the nicest smiles. So far Mum, Shasha and Lix are in support of this theory.

Bix’s birthday presents from Japan!

This is just a jug of coca-cola, but Ally and I were hitting the bar throughout the night mixing alcohol XDD
It was just too bad they didn’t have beer. Ruru and I were quite disappointed. Well at least Mum bought six bottles of beer the day before :D

Mumbles, Shasha and me!
(Also you can see the alcohol take effect from the splotchy-ness on my face XD)

This uncle was awesome! After belting out Hokkien songs (omg!), he pointed to his shorts and exclaimed, “This is muay thai! Do you know muay thai?” And then he did a few kicks on stage XDD Also, HIS HAIR!!!!

Luckily they started these obscene games after we’d eaten, otherwise I know I wouldn’t be able to stomach my food. But much props to Dom and Vader for being such charming sports! In the end Dom squashed that disgusting condom balloon by stomping on it with his foot XDD

Yulz, QQ, Lix, me, and someone else in the background I’ve been trying to figure out who for days. >_<

XinH, ShiC & me. There was a nicer photo of us, but this one makes me lol.

ShiC & Ally. According to her, she had had too much 7-up (and the only way she drank 7-up was by mixing it with alcohol lol)

Ruru, Bix, Shasha, Me, Ally.

The Thai house band was awesomeeeee.

Next up, Japan trip post marathon!


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