Thimble Theatre

I get called Olive by my parents sometimes, because of my physical similarity to a certain pencil-figured character from Popeye.

✿ floral dress, leatherette jacket: forever21
✿ olive stirrup tights: top20 in singapore
✿ flats: small shop in buenos aires

Here I am, working on my forty-fifth molar grind of food morsel.

I made a point of counting how many times Aless chewed a bite of his pizza yesterday, because I’ve noticed the terrifying pattern where he finishes all six slices of a 6″ pizza when I’m only just done with two slices of the same-sized specimen. I admit I’m one of the slower eaters at the table, but still.

The experiment was a failure, largely because I stated my intent beforehand, and he ended up chewing a lot more, claiming that he had taken a particularly large bite of pizza. I’m still skeptical of that. XD

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