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Sometime a month ago, I was Shasha’s plus one for the Mayon documentary screening. :D

The reception (dinner) was amazingggg. Especially the desserts. <3

The alcohol bar. It was about 9pm when the screening ended and by then I was starving. So I suppose it was not a very wise decision to down a glass of red wine, followed by white wine, and a shot of tequila to top it off before making sure that my stomach was full…

My motor senses were pretty bad as a result for a couple of hours. but trust me, I was still holding fast to my mental faculty. Shasha deigns to say otherwise though… But seriously, I’ve never gotten drunk drunk before. Really.

Newton (The director of the documentary) and the bartenders.

I love the colours here! Unfortunately my focusing was pretty much shot due to my poor eyesight (need to get used to the new correction in my contacts), and or, loss of motor senses.


After inhaling lots of desserts to balance out the alcohol– Newton even said that I looked like the cookie monster– the alcohol got out of my system and I could trust myself to walk in a straight line. Hooray!

Samm and Yvonne joined Shasha and I near the end, and we were one of the last to leave the event. The following was taken in the toilet. I NEED TO GO BACK THERE THEY HAVE AWESOME TOILETS:

Yvonne & Samm.

Yvonne. Also, my favourite shot from this place.

After that Shasha and I got some alone time at the Starbucks in PS. I think we went there at 11.40pm. That place closes at 12am so all was good. (And anyway there were lingering customers):

The cheesecake and drinks– they were her treat! SHASHA I LOVE YOU ARE AWESOME.

My sleeping at 4-6am for the past few months really shows huh.

And then since all chances of public transport were pretty much non-existent since it was past midnight, we took some outfit shots:

A group of skaters skidded over on their boards (some of them later removed their shirts! NICE SHINEY BODS BUT ANYWAY) and I made a new friend– kinda like the sort you’d make when you were a child and needed people to play catching with at the playground in the park. Say hello to my new-found friend, Photobomb Dude.

Photobomb Dude and Shasha who Cannot Stand Still Exhibit A.

Can’t Stand Still exhibit B.

Exhibit C. ROFL.

I’m trying to imitate Photobomber Dude who was posing for the shot, Aisyah is incapacitated with the giggles, and Photobomber Dude gives up trying to photobomb.

Shasha suggested we change the direction of the camera so that Photobomb Dude wouldn’t get in the way (much as it was amusing). :P

Obligatory unglam photo. Actually, it takes a lot of practice and restraint for me to look like I don’t have Funny Face Syndrome…

When we left the place, Photobomb Dude waved goodbye. Bye bye playground friend! :DDD

You can’t really tell, but the pattern of the leggings is made up of planets and weird universe stuff. Here’s what it looks like in the packaging.

In the bathroom! My toothbrush is the green one.

That mirror needs to be cleaned.

✿ Black batwing dress: M)phosis
✿ Navy swallow elastic belt: Accessorize
✿ Pink space leggings: Vivienne Westwood
✿ Black ribbon wedges: Novo
✿ Gold 21 key necklace: handed down from Mum (and Ah Ma)
✿ Bag: handed down from Aunt Peggy

Also, you can learn more about Mayon from your second-best friend on the internet.


Thanks a lot guys… XDD


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