The Masks We Wear

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m going to try being a bit more intimate here. Part of what’s on my mind lately is that I seem to have quite a bit of disconnect regarding human interactions. Everyone has walls, and some are thicker than others. It’s probably a life’s journey to understand the layers that even I don’t know about myself, but isn’t that what part of living is about?

There is this peace I feel when it’s just me and my camera. It reminds me of why I started taking outfit photos- I was trying to be less awkward in front of the camera, and I guess it worked, but only when there isn’t anyone else behind it. Heh. The anxiety will have to be something I work my way out of. In the meantime, there’s all these masks to wear, and all the stories to share, and life is going to be as interesting as it’s always been.

'The Masks We Wear' self portrait.

'The Masks We Wear' self portrait.

Self portrait 'The Masks We Wear'.

Black patent oxford heels.

Here’s what I wore for my self portrait session. I went with a simple but bold combination of black and red, having the oversized, angular vest play off the waves of my skort. As for the mask, I’d been waiting for a chance to use this beautiful embroidered piece ever since Shasha brought it back from her trip to Europe. It’s so pretty. ♥

ootd black uniqlo bratop, vivienne westwood printed tights, thrifted red vest.

Vivienne Westwood black printed planet tights.


Uniqlo bratop
Jet Rag thrifted vest
Swarovski necklace (c/o)
Terminal 21 skater skort
Vivienne Westwood tights
Gmarket oxford heels

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16 thoughts on “The Masks We Wear

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  3. I’m really glad that you spoke about your comfort in front of the camera, because I feel the same way too. I’m really shy so when I’m in front of someone else’s camera, I retreat into my shell. When I am shooting by myself, I feel free, limitless, and comfortable. Great post!

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to find someone who feels the same way I do. I used to be crippingly shy when I was younger, but I’ve been consciously trying to conquer that condition for years now, and this is perhaps yet another goal towards becoming more confident around other people.

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  6. I love the colours of your outfit and the way you’ve edited your photos. It is awkward to be in front of the camera, but I actually find it easier when someone is takin the pictures because they usually can make me laugh and I’m less uptight :)


    1. Thank you Emmett! I find myself to be more stressed out partly because I’m afraid of wasting a photographer’s time, and also I just freeze up when someone else is there to see a side of me that I seldom show. I’m opening myself up to the notion that it is okay to want gratuitous pictures of myself to people who don’t care much for this topic though :)

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  8. Hi Ren Rong! I love the way you shoot all your photos! And I love the way you style yourself. It reminds me of the 90’s where people style themselves in a retro style. I always wanted to go to places like here. May I know where is this place? Thank you so much! :)

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