The Last of FYP

So, I finally finished the animation yesterday– all 1:28 minutes of it. Just in time for the deadline!

Two days of super intensive chiong-ing towards the end and colourful swearing at hanged programs, incorrectly rendered sequences and little to no sleep, and I’m just glad that it’s over, regardless of how it turned out. Ugrhhhhhhhhhh. And then, just to make sure that I was truly an hero, I proceeded to go on a date with Ade to catch Toy Story 3 (really good! I laughed a lot and teared up twice. Plus the Pixar short before that was very inspiring in terms of the mixed-media animation and story), and then a hair cut with her. Wah! I’m glad I didn’t bob my head as I dozed off while the hairdresser did my hair. Things could have turned out disastrous.

The only reason why I didn’t immediately crash into the bed when I got home was because I prioritise personal hygiene over personal sanity. OTL

Today was, and tomorrow will be spent in school helping out Jerms and co. (read: hanging out with Ai and cracking jokes with my favourite animation people), and then Wednesday is the big animation screening day! I kinda have an outfit planned for Wednesday– new tutu skirt and hat, which I’ll work from there. Ai is considering attaching false lashes! I SAY GO FOR IT XDD

Also, if you notice that all I’ve been posting is my outfits, it’s because I really want to get my backlog over and done with so that I don’t have to deal with chronological disorganisation :(

Also also, Ai made me realise today that for someone who thinks giving birth is one of nature’s most violent and scary acts, I sure do portray a lot of pregnant women in my works. I suppose it’s a morbid obsession of sorts…


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