The First Red

I prefer experiencing a mix of sightseeing and daily life when I travel, so it was only a matter of time before I got to visit a local college in Minnesota. There was a club recruitment event that day, so portions of the campus were lined with booths for clubs and after school activities. One of the more interesting ones were the prolific existence of political clubs from both the left and right, democratic and conservatives; which isn’t something you’d see in a Singaporean university at all. There was also a gaming club, with all sorts of tabletop gaming. I even got to snack on a waffle made by the Norwegian culture club!

Ottie was an alumni of the college– my very own campus tour guide! Seeing as the both of us were way out of the target age group for potential club recruits, we decided to dress like our age. Out came the lipstick I bought over a year ago but never had to guts to put on till now, and the satin skirt I got from a sale rack at Forever21. Including in the mix my favourite staples made a whole lot of difference in the overall feel of my look imo. However, we still totally got ushered to see the booths by eager club members! It was amusing and a little bit awkward to have to explain that we were merely curious old people. XD


Uniqlo grey camisole
Mango knit cardigan
Forever21 purple satin skirt & mustard sling purse
Melrose Flea Market glasses
Paper Sparrow narwhal necklace
Bridge Gate woolen cape (gifted)
Dr. Martens white boots

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