Petting the neighbourhood cat.

Temporarily Turquoise: Haircut & Loreal Colorista Spray

After much hemming and hawing, I finally sport a haircut I’ve not sported in years! This is in fact the shortest hairstyle I’ve ever had, seeing as my sides are shaved with a #1 blade. It’s. So. Cooling. I was initially worried that shorter hair wouldn’t gel with most of my wardrobe, but this shoot alleviated my fears about having to undergo an overhaul. I’m gonna have to step up my makeup game for the girly-girl items though!

Cat and blue hair.

Petting the neighbourhood cat.Lookit this friendly cat! It attempted to scratch me once because the friction from my clammy hands was pulling at its fur (goddamn Hyperhidrosis making life difficult as usual), but immediately forgave me and came back for more pettings. ♥

Cat and blue hair.

I had to pop by Watsons to get myself some hair clay as a result of my new hair, and got distracted by the L’Oreal Colorista 1-Day Colour Spray (on sale for $13.90). The box says ‘Turquoise’, but it actually turned out primary blue; I suppose it might look different on lighter hair…? Colour difference aside, the rich pigments impressed me, even if it did take three washes of shampoo before I felt my blue-stained hair un-matte itself.

L'Oreal Colorista 1-Day Colour Spray: #TurquoiseHairShake well before use!

L'Oreal Colorista 1-Day Colour Spray: #TurquoiseHair

Blue-stained comb.My comb turned permanently blue! Luckily this was a cheap plastic one that I got at a hotel.

I’ve never been particularly loyal to any hairdresser, but this haircut made it the third consecutive trip to the same one. I’ve been throwing new hairstyles at this guy and he’s always risen to the challenge. This time, in an attempt to solve the issue of my lazy ass in the mornings, he layered my hair to create texture so that I needn’t style my hair if I didn’t want to. He even taught this ignoramus how to use hair clay and how to use the hairdryer!

I’m pretty excited to see what kind of looks I’ll have that can show off more of my shaved sides, before my hair starts growing like a weed!

Pomelo Fashion Lace-up Blouse
Mango leggings
Steve Madden boots
L’Oreal Paris Colorista Spray

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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