• Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

    Christmas 2017

    It’s been a whirlwind of a year this 2017, and I’m pretty glad to be putting it behind me soon. Unfortunately, most of my time-consuming projects will only end next year… but at least I’ll also be moving into a new place in a few months! It’s been a headache preparing for the move since August, and now that things are finally underway, I’m looking forward to having a proper chair for me to park my ass while I stare down my laptop screen. As it is, I’ve spent the past two years sitting on my bed and it’s been causing my thirty-one year old spine a lot of grief.…


    Pro Tempore

    This was the second half of my foray into smoke bombs earlier this year (check out my first smoke bomb photoshoot here). I had bought a pack of 3 red canisters from Enola Gaye to try them out and spent my last two canisters for this shoot in the nearby park. Very few people were willing to brave the cold outdoors apart from Ottie and I; we basically had the whole park to ourselves, which was very fine by me. And while the plush smoke was quick to dissipate in the wintry breeze, I suppose that it would work well the next time I find the opportunity to play with…