• Boku no Hero Academia at Anime Japan Expo 2017, Big Sight Tokyo.

    Tokyo: Anime Japan 2017

    Ottie and I woke to a frigid, dreary landscape as the skies steadily dispensed rain for the entire day. Having to weather both wet and cold was the perfect recipe for misery, but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from visiting Anime Japan! I’d already bought tickets online via DMM.e for ¥2,016 (about SGD $14) per person weeks ago. Meanwhile our accommodations weren’t even settled for the rest of the trip – yay priorities. Tokyo Big Sight is a pretty iconic-looking convention centre. It was fun exploring new anime as well as checking up on the evergreens, even though I’ve not been on the up and up in…

  • Punny outfit: Tea-rex socks, Mango leather sneakers.


    This post exists solely for the sake of showing off this pair of punny socks. I like tea and I like dinosaurs (although my favourite as a kid was the Triceratops), so this ‘Tea-Rex’ was a pretty perfect marriage of the two. I don’t have much else to say now, apart from commenting on this cool ‘Game Over’ bag that Shasha got for my birthday last year, so I’ll just end off with something amusing I heard at a store one day, years ago – a dad telling his child that the dinosaur on the book cover they were looking at was called a “Trex”. Wearing Topman Tea-Rex socks Jucy…


    Wedding Photos at Rustic Oaks

    I’ve done a couple of shoots for friends in the past – here’s one of Yuunsama & JW (who’s now a photographer in his own right!) – and while creating important memories for others can get pretty stressful, it’s also a lot of fun during the shoot. Having that kind of control over the look and feel of my photos was pretty important to me; no glossy/ethereal/romantic photos for the both of us, nuh-uh. After all, I was most excited over the taking photos aspect of my wedding than the actual getting hitched part – even Ottie knew what he got himself into. :P We were tremendously fortunate to have been able to take…