• Work outfit: Mango flowy shirt, Dresslily sakura kitty collar pins, Firmoo glasses, GU pants, Fossil backpack, Taobao cat socks, Kurt Geiger Lovebug white leather sneakers.

    Together with Ottie

    Here are a couple of outfits together as a couple. It’s been difficult lately, matching our work schedules for a proper outfit photoshoot, so we usually wind up taking some photos on my phone on the go. While I can’t complain about the photo quality on my new phone, it certainly can’t compare to the range of the dSLR. It’s too bad I’ve not been feeling up to lugging the hefty piece of metal all over town, so the phone it is. I sported my super cute sakura & cat collar pin from Dresslily for my first outfit was for work. I’ve always had an aversion to poking holes in my clothes, but…


    Hiding Hotdogs

    My brain bank has a funny way of retaining the most inane memories. I recently remembered stuff that had long become obsolete, such as the part of my early life better known as the ‘Menagerie Period’ – pets included hamsters, mice (which multiplied like crazy), various kinds of fish, dogs, terrapins, and even chicks which grew up to be roosters. If I had my way, I’d have tried to keep a horse in our apartment; falling in love with Black Beauty at the tender age of ten while not truly understanding how much space a horse took up would have totally been antithesis to the story should I somehow have been successful, now…


    Teenage Nightmare

    My second halloween outfit is inspired by the goth scene so often adopted by teens… or at least that’s how it’s portrayed in mainstream media. Growing up by the book while struggling to stay afloat the crushing pressure of academia, this door was never really open to me (and I never dared open it on my own). But one can dream; so when Dresslily reached out for a halloween collaboration this year – check out the Dresslily Halloween Big Promotion (#dresslilyhalloween)! – I grabbed the chance to play dress-up the way I would’ve if I had been bold enough. Teen angst, here I come carelessly saunter in an attempt to appear…