• White rose bouquet from the husband.

    Running Solo

    I recently mused about long distance running being my favourite sport in school. It was something that I never really had to worry about in Physical Education, and the 2.4km stretches – while painful – were actually pretty meditative. So I didn’t realise just how starved I was for some me-time until last week, when I had the house to myself for the entire day and discovered how much I relished being alone. It had been so long – my days off have been filled up with personal appointments, laborious meetings, and the occasional messages from work, and it actually got me tired of talking to people and wanting to…


    Casual in Neon

    I had some errands to do downtown a while ago, but didn’t really feel like dressing up – it was a lazy-ish off day for me – so I fell back on my favourite RGB colour combination as I’m wont to do. The outfit combination reminds me of that time I went to HARD Fest; these neon colours are so shiny. Also, I think this was one of the first few times I wore my new sneakers out! My old neon Skechers sneakers had begun to lose its sole, so I took the opportunity when I headed over to the US to get a replacement pair at Scheels. Whaddya know, Skechers had a sale…