• Boku no Hero Academia at Anime Japan Expo 2017, Big Sight Tokyo.

    Tokyo: Anime Japan 2017

    Ottie and I woke to a frigid, dreary landscape as the skies steadily dispensed rain for the entire day. Having to weather both wet and cold was the perfect recipe for misery, but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from visiting Anime Japan! I’d already bought tickets online via DMM.e for ¥2,016 (about SGD $14) per person weeks ago. Meanwhile our accommodations weren’t even settled for the rest of the trip – yay priorities. Tokyo Big Sight is a pretty iconic-looking convention centre. It was fun exploring new anime as well as checking up on the evergreens, even though I’ve not been on the up and up in…


    For Our Sins

    It’s no news that I’m extremely weak against all things kitsch, so when I saw the Rocket x Lunch collection on Zalora featuring reversible bomber jackets and ugly af crying sloths, I knew that I had to put it into my wishlist. It wasn’t until a week or two later after the jacket arrived when news surfaced over the Cincinnati Zoo – oblivious to the Streisand effect – asking the internet to please stop circulating Harambe memes when I realised that my ugly crying sloths were actually crying gorillas. Honest to god, I never made the connection despite the huge buddhist ‘Nirvana’ on the back of the jacket; I simply…