• White rose bouquet from the husband.

    Running Solo

    I recently mused about long distance running being my favourite sport in school. It was something that I never really had to worry about in Physical Education, and the 2.4km stretches – while painful – were actually pretty meditative. So I didn’t realise just how starved I was for some me-time until last week, when I had the house to myself for the entire day and discovered how much I relished being alone. It had been so long – my days off have been filled up with personal appointments, laborious meetings, and the occasional messages from work, and it actually got me tired of talking to people and wanting to…

  • AmazonFWT style: Topshop velvet crop top, boyfriend sweater, Gamiss velvet embroidered bomber jacket, Zaful pink mirror sunglasses, Penshoppe cargo pants, Sammy Icon striped socks, Paperplanes white sneakers.

    Tokyo Art Center: Alfons Mucha & Yayoi Kusama

    I’d been meaning to take an outfit photo at this reflection-gasmic structure leading to Shibuya Mark City that Ottie and I would pass by to and fro our lodgings. It’s a busy walkway, especially in the day, but I wasn’t going to let embarrassment get in the way of my vanity. On a side note, the mirrors reminded me of a short wordless comic I drew in school so long ago. Wearing Topshop top, Zaful sunglasses & choker, Ottie’s hoodie, Gamiss bomber jacket, Sammy Icon socks, Penshoppe pants, Paperplanes sneakers. Ottie needed a portable charger, so I introduced him to Don Quijote - land of all things you could ever imagine…

  • Floating in a swimming pool wearing Funfit floral bikini.

    Keep Calm

    I spent my first day of 2017 playing at the pool. I learnt long ago that Ottie’s version of swimming involves frolicking about the pool and generally ensuring that muscle aches are not in the immediate future… which is vastly different from my need to swim a few laps when I go dip my toes in chlorinated water. This time, I went Ottie’s route simply to wind down and relax when it’s time to relax. I purposely didn’t bring a pair of swimming goggles so that I wouldn’t feel compelled to do laps. 😂 Brat #1 brought so much goodies from his recent trip to Korea! String cheese, citrus chocolates from…