• Herbarium sheets at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

    Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

    Lunchtime selfies at this gorgeously quirky floral installation by Fleurapy. PX and I visited the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum earlier this month. This was actually supposed to be a date two months prior but we got too busy with work and travel. Luckily, Vesak Day is recognised as a public holiday in Singapore, so we took advantage of it. The museum wasn’t even crowded! I think there were only ten other people besides us; quite a pity because the exhibits were so plentiful and surprisingly educational that it deserves to be more popular than it looked to be from our trip there. Outfit photos assisted by PX. Wearing Jucy Judy dress,…


    High Tea at Colony

    Ottie decided to give me a belated birthday treat at the Ritz Carlton Colony. This year has been pretty ridiculous in terms of schedule-clashing (in more ways than one hur hur), so I spent my birthday and most of the weekend recuperating from work-related issues. It was well-worth the wait – for $49++ per person for high tea, we got the ambience (those high domed ceilings are so pretty), the sugar-high, and even a tickling of the umami. Everything was oh-so-good. Pictures with my new phone! Yes, it’s the explode-y one. No, I’m not that worried. Yes, I’ll go queue up to replace it when the official recall is activated.…