• Floral outfit for flowers picked from Floral Garage SG's fruit hamper: Gerbera, Eucalyptus leaves, Topshop pink overlay dress, Lowry's Farm shorts, Uniqlo bratop.

    Floral Garage: Fruit Hamper

    I had the pleasure of receiving a fruit hamper from Floral Garage last week for a review! Floral Garage is a local online florist that believes in making it affordable for people to express themselves with flowers – even so, they offer quite a large range of choices with floral bouquets ranging from SGD $30 to $300. They even stock accessories such as balloons, plushies, and – as evident from my title – fruit hampers. Heck, they even have a Vegetable Bouquet for when you want to gift something fun and practical! Or, you know, Condolence Stands. It was pretty entertaining to scroll through their store to spot these creative themed items. Anyway, I…


    Sagano Romantic Train, Hozugawa River, Arashiyama

    This was a day of romantic sights in Kyoto – our morning was spent aboard the Sagano Romantic Train (also known as the Sagano Torroko Rail among other variations), excitedly standing up from our wooden seats just to get a better glimpse of the fiery red and orange momiji as the train rumbled past. It was mid-December already, so we were actually quite surprised to find that the autumn leaves had yet to depart for the year. Some pictures: Tickets for three! Some of the views I captured on stills. For some reason, there stands a huge family of Tanuki on one of those stations we briefly slowed down at.…


    A Fairytale Festival

    I was part of a fairytale festival for work earlier last month, where various professional storytellers got together and told stories from all over the world to the public for free. One of the storytellers was as young as seven years old! She had the largest following I’d seen, the audience filling up the room until even I couldn’t fit inside. Most of them were probably supporters and their parents from her school? But still, that was pretty epic. I quickly did my hair up with a newfound golden clip from Mustafa, bought to replace the previous ones which died (they lasted a good while considering I got them in…