• Light and shadow room at the The Universe and Art: An Artistic Voyage Through Space exhibition, ArtScience Museum Singapore.

    ArtScience Museum: HUMAN+ & The Universe and Art

    Ottie and I went on a date at the ArtScience Museum back in July to catch some futuristic exhibits – HUMAN+ The Future of Our Species, and The Universe and Art: An Artistic Voyage Through Space. Even though we originally met because of a mutual interest in Martial Arts movies, it turned out that we share an enjoyment of Sci-fi serials too – Futurama, Firefly, Farscape, Ghost in the Shell, The Expanse, Westworld, Rick & Morty, The Orville and the latest instalment of the Star Trek series (Discovery)… just to name a few. Although, our tastes diverge sometimes – he doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Almost Human and Sharknado, while I don’t care…

  • Etsy Made Local Perth 2016: Beads & Blossoms store.

    Etsy Made Local Perth 2016

    The entire reason why I dragged Ottie all the way to Australia had finally arrived. It was Beads & Blossoms‘s first market at Etsy Made Local Perth, and I was happy to visit a friend in her new home and share this experience with her. Our exciting morning! Also, my face game was on. We arrived at the market site, held at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, but quickly realised that without a trolley we weren’t able to transport all her pieces in one go. In the end, we had the kindness and generosity of strangers to thank for their help in carrying stuff as well as for loaning us a trolley. ♥ Beads…



    Hi I’m back from a sudden hiatus I decided to take over the past week. I say ‘decided’, but what really happened was that I was absorbed in three? four? books to actually do some photo-editing/writing of my own; time seems to flow weird when I get too obsessed with consuming words. It’s been a happy few days escaping into fantasy worlds in my head, and I’m glad for the mental reprieve. I haven’t felt so recharged in so long. This was a quick outfit for work last week while I was in between books. I’m still in love with the muted autumn tones from this year, and have been trying out…