• Firmoo red glasses, Max kurta, heart-patterned tights, Aldo wrap sandals, vintage earrings.


    When Shasha and I visited Chennai, we were swept up by an entirely new culture, and of course, the clothes. We might have bought a tad too many Kurtas in our shopping expedition, and so the logical thing to do, in my mind, was to wear them when we came back to Singapore. I wore my favourite piece one day and paired it up with a pair of heart-patterned tights instead of the loose pants usually worn with the garment. I thought the unconventional pairing went well together, but ever aware of the increasingly PC culture on and offline, I eventually decided to retire these beauties to the back of the wardrobe, especially…

  • Uniqlo bratop, M)phosis sheer shirt, CNDirect distressed denim shorts, Urban Outfitters knit lace socks, Zalora shoes, Firmoo glasses.

    Time & Space & UV Rays

    I’ve sort of been putting my blog on the back burner as certain events transpire over the next couple of months. It doesn’t help that I’ve finally begun to organise the contents of three hard-drives (and possibly one dating back to pre-2010 full of old artwork if it’s able to be revived) and wow does that bring back old memories. I’ve been sharing snippets of them over at my Instagram and each time I come across something – or someone – I forgot about, I remember that my fervent documentation is because I forget. One of my favourite shirts comes from a local brand which has since shut down. I’ve been…

  • Punny outfit: Tea-rex socks, Mango leather sneakers.


    This post exists solely for the sake of showing off this pair of punny socks. I like tea and I like dinosaurs (although my favourite as a kid was the Triceratops), so this ‘Tea-Rex’ was a pretty perfect marriage of the two. I don’t have much else to say now, apart from commenting on this cool ‘Game Over’ bag that Shasha got for my birthday last year, so I’ll just end off with something amusing I heard at a store one day, years ago – a dad telling his child that the dinosaur on the book cover they were looking at was called a “Trex”. Wearing Topman Tea-Rex socks Jucy…