• Sock puppet knit hat, Blue wig, Banggood red lace mermaid dress, Urban Outfitters floral lace tights, Steve Madden boots, wedding bouquet of red roses.

    Got The Morbs

    This was the last photoshoot I had planned for my wedding trip. I went back to my favourite place in Minnesota for the third time with Ottie – previous times were during the autumn of 2012 and winter of 2013 I believe. It was the second time I’d gone in winter, but I was very pleased with how different the place looked. When I’d gone in 2013, it had been the thick of winter in (January), but winter was easing out for this expedition in early March this year. I loved sliding across the ice-covered ground! Definitely not a common sight back home in Singapore. I’ve been feeling a bit of the…


    Our Leap Year Wedding: Behind-the-Scenes

    Ottie and I got hitched at a leap year this February 29th. Part of the reason for this special date was so that we wouldn’t forget it (we don’t even remember the exact date we first met). Another reason for it was so that we didn’t have to celebrate our anniversary every year… on a more serious note, I’m an escapist when it comes to dealing with parental disapproval at my life choices, so that made up the final part on why we ended up in Minnesota. I still have a pretty good relationship with my parents (I think) – we simply tend to stubbornly push on until the deed…


    Wedding Photos at Rustic Oaks

    I’ve done a couple of shoots for friends in the past – here’s one of Yuunsama & JW (who’s now a photographer in his own right!) - and while creating important memories for others can get pretty stressful, it’s also a lot of fun during the shoot. Having that kind of control over the look and feel of my photos was pretty important to me; no glossy/ethereal/romantic photos for the both of us, nuh-uh. After all, I was most excited over the taking photos aspect of my wedding than the actual getting hitched part – even Ottie knew what he got himself into. :P We were tremendously fortunate to have been able to take…