• Smelling perfumes at Mojoko and Terry Jacobson 'Sick Scents' exhibition at Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore.

    Chan + Hori Contemporary: Sick Scents

    I recently had the honour of getting in touch with Bradley Foisset, an artist with whom I had met a few times at work. Bradley had just started working at Chan + Hori Contemporary and extended an invite for me to visit their exciting lineup of exhibits. I gladly welcomed the opportunity to take my camera out for a spin – after all, who could say no to when presented with a chance for a private tour? But first, Ottie and I visited the dual opening of Mojoko‘s Sick Scents and Gerald Leow‘s I Am Time Grown Old To Destroy The World. Naturally, I gravitated towards the colourful use of collage…

  • Three-legged cat.

    Three-Legged Kitty & Gnocchi at Garibaldi’s

    Ottie and I came across a three-legged kitty while scouting for a place to take outfit photos at one day. I was so shocked at this kitty anomaly that all I could utter was the question, “why does it have three legs?”, like a broken record. Luckily, a passerby heard my voiced confusion and said that this kitty was probably mauled by a dog a few months back and was found with its paw dangling bloodily by a thread. Someone had brought it to the vet to get it treated, but I guess the limb had to be amputated after all. It was sad to hear of what this kitty had…