• #LoveWins Pride Parade in Perth, Australia.

    Perth: Pride Parade #LoveWins

    Our last night in Perth just so happened to coincide with the Pride Parade. I generally steer clear of masses of people I don’t know – they can get pretty scary – but dipping my toes into an event or two is something I find myself doing every year to keep a healthy balance. And can I just say that downtown Perth is so pretty with its mix of sleek modernity set along older, ornate architecture? Sunset washed us in pink as I set about taking photos of quirky murals as we explored the roads closed off for the event: I first noticed Brass Monkey Hotel in daylight, and didn’t know that the same…

  • Etsy Made Local Perth 2016: Beads & Blossoms store.

    Etsy Made Local Perth 2016

    The entire reason why I dragged Ottie all the way to Australia had finally arrived. It was Beads & Blossoms‘s first market at Etsy Made Local Perth, and I was happy to visit a friend in her new home and share this experience with her. Our exciting morning! Also, my face game was on. We arrived at the market site, held at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, but quickly realised that without a trolley we weren’t able to transport all her pieces in one go. In the end, we had the kindness and generosity of strangers to thank for their help in carrying stuff as well as for loaning us a trolley. ♥ Beads…

  • Sunset selfie with Kooling and Ottie at Fremantle Perth Australia.

    Perth: Day Trip to Fremantle

    We took a train to Fremantle on our second day in Perth. So many interesting sights! Here are some of my favourites: Train station where we boarded our train to Fremantle. View en route. Arrived at the Fremantle Railway Station. Loved this Star Wars parody. Love Wars FTW. I made sure not to miss out the sketches on the ground! Esplanade Hotel. Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts bookstore. Left: ‘Duck Duck Bruce’ was put up on a new store that had yet to open for business. Right: I just really liked the blue on the outside of The Chart and Map Shop. St John’s Anglican Church. Inscribed: ‘Memorial erected…