• Extra long santa hat and a little black dress for christmas 2017.

    Christmas 2017

    It’s been a whirlwind of a year this 2017, and I’m pretty glad to be putting it behind me soon. Unfortunately, most of my time-consuming projects will only end next year… but at least I’ll also be moving into a new place in a few months! It’s been a headache preparing for the move since August, and now that things are finally underway, I’m looking forward to having a proper chair for me to park my ass while I stare down my laptop screen. As it is, I’ve spent the past two years sitting on my bed and it’s been causing my thirty-one year old spine a lot of grief.…


    Not Quite Basic, Not Quite Skeletal

    Ottie & I went out for pizza in town one day. We were feeling lazy, so I pulled on some easy staples for the trip… well not too lazy, because I made the effort to drape on a necklace and smeared some lipstick to spice things up – we were going downtown after all. Today I was skinny-shamed once more, by my own dad no less. It’s kinda hypocritical considering how he was bone-thin until he hit old age (he’s now normal weight), so I promptly let him know that I probably have his genes to blame for my skeletal figure. These comments, questions, and sometimes advice come from a…