STGCC 2010

I’ve been to the very first Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention (STGCC) in 2008 and the second in 2009, so I guess this means I’m a regular. XDD

I think it was Fifi who said that the organisers for STGCC changed this year, which was why there were going to be more comics instead of toys unlike the previous two years. But I was more concerned about the event starting to charge an entrance fee of $13. It used to be free! Obviously I’m damn cheapo.

Luckily, YT managed to procure insider early tickets which meant we only had to pay $10. Unluckily, we didn’t get the goodies that came with buying regular tickets…

Anyway. Picspam! And by that, I mean seventy-eight images.

First, Santa Claus JJJ was coming to town:

NGL, the above image is here because it’s one of the rare times I actually get to use ‘BAMF’. XDD

We decided at the last minute to bring him to the convention. :D

I was the first one out of Shasha and JJJ to reach the place! Which was awesome, because Shasha is usually the one who’s early/on-time. It turned out that Shasha was super late because she had forgotten about the time while playing Assassin’s Creed. LOL of all the things! Damn funny la. And JJJ had headed to The Esplanade when we said, ‘meet at Esplanade MRT‘. Way to create confusion, Singapore Train Station-Naming Committee.

I’ve never really gotten the hype that surrounds Tokidoki, but to each their own right? ^^;

We made Shasha pose with the guys from an emerging local comic! (Paiseh for some reason every time I take photos of her, it turns out blur. WHAT IS HAPPENING.)

Gloomy Bear and Tofu Oyako!!! Two of my favourite characters meshed together. Which is simply awesome. And that nose-bleeding Tofu Boy is too cute for words!

Wuahaha we were very amused to see Singa the Lion toys!

This pretty girl was cooped up in a giant box. Her sign says ‘I nd to have 500 surveys if I want to leave this box b4 7pm. :(‘.
JJJ and I were like, no don’t participate, let her stay there as eye-candy for a little while longer. XDD

Shasha and her Venom (Spiderman) figurine! She looks so accomplished lor… XDD

The likeness is uncanny.

With Giuseppe Camuncoli. He was super cool out of the other ones we met!

I finally get to see some C3PO (Star Wars), but the decapitated heads look kinda unsettling…

JJJ got lucky and tikam-ed the tiger-costumed Kapibara-san! Awesomeeee.
I only knew of Kapibara-san through my current work. Thanks to that and wiki, I was the only one to get it when Sheldon mentioned the Capybara as an alternative topic at the lunch table. XDD

XBox Kinect Dance! I WANT ONE (because I’m a total sucker for dance games despite sucking at them). Ti is also interested, so I suppose we might be getting it after some shopping around. Unfortunately it looks like I’d probably only get to play it after I get back from the U.S. if we do get one… :(

You can’t really tell, but I’m holding his hand. :P

And trying to steal his awesome light saber.

We both have patterned arms!

You finally get to see what exactly JJJ was wearing. If the bright yellow tee wasn’t enough, he even wore yellow slippers! It was so easy to spot him in the convention hall. Apparently he’s missed Singapore so much that he decided to wear the traditional Singaporean costume of tee, shorts and slippers. XDD

Shasha faces off with your friendly neighbour from Elm Street. That figure actually moves his head and eyes! Yucks.

Ahahaha we both put on our mischievous faces while posing with The Simpsons. This was not the first time we’ve crashed at their couch. Ahh nostalgia.

There was a booth selling cute stuff from Thailand! Even the booth tenders were cute. JJJ was like, ‘support talent!‘, and bought a couple of stuff off them. :D

And then we unashamedly tried on hats at another booth without buying anything:

Aidan and a kitty hat.

Me in a Totoro cap and some cutsey paw glove.

Shasha is the best poser (even though she hates acting cute haha!)

Bling-bling Domo-kun!!!!! There was also a furry grass one which was pretty large, but I didn’t manage to take a decent photo of it despite the staff’s helpfulness in sliding open the glass cabinet for me to take photos. Thank you staff even though I didn’t buy anything! (TT w TT)

I wanted to take photos with all the stormtroopers and R2D2 (Star Wars)! The $6 we paid for a photo could include as many people as we wanted, and 100% of the proceeds went to charity, which was awesome. Since I was too paiseh to do so alone so I roped Shasha in to throw face a bit. What the both of us didn’t know was that JJJ had been taking photos of us with my camera:

We even asked to borrow their guns, AND THEY HANDED THEM TO US!!! I changed my mind and decided to molest R2D2 instead though. XD

So paiseh!!!

After the photo-taking.

We also got a 2011 calendar from the charity organisation.

One of the guys came over to talk to us while we waited for our photo to print. These people even had name cards! And that’s a group photo with George Lucas at his ranch I think. Wooooooooohooooooo!

As I’ve said earlier, the photos that I took of Shasha are blur. Either that, or she’s perpetually in a state of motion. XDDD

The scanned copy of the photo! I’m a bit sad that my R2D2-molesting hand wasn’t visible. :(

This was too amusing. =3

Our entry chops (Iron Man)! Somewhere in here are Shasha, Aidan, JJJ and my arms.

And then we broke for lunch:

Shasha, Aidan, Me, JJJ and XinH!

After that we went to the floor below the convention hall, where most of the cosplayers had gathered because there was a lot of space:

Cool people exhibit 01.

Exhibit 02.

Exhibit 03.

XinH and I kinda stalked the super cool guy to this humongous group shot ensemble.

The humongous group shot ensemble.

Also, that green-haired girl’s chest was barely covered! I usually embrace my perverted mind, but I was so worried for her modesty. There were a couple of girls who flaunted their chests there too, but I was too embarrassed for them to take photos despite their beautiful costumes. :S

Moving on, THE AWESOME THAT IS GINTOKI (Gintama)!!!!!! Otherwise known as THE AWESOME THAT IS GIN-CHAN!!!!

Shasha and I were searching for him after we brushed shoulders in the area. Turns out he was hiding in one corner. :D

Here we have Gin-chan accidentally decapitating Inuyasha for the lulz. XD


Shasha noticed that Gin-chan also had a copy of Jump on the floor, so she told me to ask him to pose with it. AND THE AWESOME GUY DID! WAH I WAS SO PAISEH!!! XDDD


Some random Pokémon in the middle of the area. XDD

The aforementioned area.

We went back into the hall and apparently they’d given out all of the goodie bags, so they started giving capsule toys as door gifts. One of the staff had dropped a capsule, so I picked it up to hand it back to him. He then deposited another capsule into my outstretched hand, to my confusion. Moral of the story is: It pays to be helpful! After that it turned out that the capsule that I’d picked up from the floor contained Sebastion (Kuroshitsuji). Shasha was squee-ing over it so I gave it to her, since I’m not in the fandom anyway. :D

We revisited the fantastic Gachapon space and then I THOUGHT I SPIED SOMETHING VERY FAMILIAR. Nudged Shasha and the following conversation took place. Paraphrased because I have a lousy memory like that:

Me (to Shasha): Is that… Bulbasaur?
Shasha (to me): …Yea hor, I think that’s Pokémon! But I think it’s Venusaur!
Shasha (to cosplayer): Excuse me, are you cosplaying… Pokémon?
Cosplayer: Yup, I’m Venusaur.
Me & Shasha: *barely-contained squee-ing*


Anyway, I showed the Venusaur cosplay pictures to Ti, and asked him to identify her character. He also guessed Bulbasaur! I suppose it’s hereditary that we’re only able to identify Pokémon characters by their root states. XDDD

Awesome sculptures.

Gigantic Patapon!

I have no idea WHY. But it was cute.

We were quite surprised to meet Iva at the convention, since I don’t think she’s into these sort of things, but wah, DAMN SEXY!!!! XDD

Sonny and students! (冒冷汗, Kimkim, Sonny, Shasha and Me)

Super 萌 cat girls! The cutie on the extreme right is Shasha’s friend. =3

Aidan succumbed and bought a Chopper (One Piece) hat!

ShiC & Calvin with their sculptures in the background.

Group shot! Pity we missed some of the pretty girls, but I really had to go off then for dinner with Pa and Ti before Pa went overseas. :(


I went home and photographed the stuff I picked up from the convention!

Freebies in the goodie bag.

The local comic I mentioned in the third image of this post. I got a free sample from them!

Stuff from the capsule space. The gyoza strap on the extreme right was after we filled in a survey. The kind uncle even poured out all the capsules and patiently waited for us to make up our minds while we hem and hawed over which food to take home. AWESOME UNCLE!

Not exactly from STGCC, but Shasha passed me a Zura (Gintama) chibi Kokeshi strap during the event, with a sweet message on the capsule! Unfortunately I returned home to find that it was all but rubbed off. And thanks to my memory, all I can remember is her getting me Zura because my favourite character Elizabeth wasn’t available in this series. *dismayed* Sorry and THANK YOU Shasha!

Finally, our cheapo $10 tickets for the event. :D

And since you’re being spammed, I figure some more pictures of my outfit wouldn’t hurt that much more:

All geeked out!

✿ Grey floral dress: Budinsea
✿ White lace pullover: Japan
✿ Grey heart socks: night market
✿ Black mary janes: Mad About Shoes
✿ Gold bird necklace: Paris Kids (Japan)

On an awesome note, I was waiting at the traffic light when I noticed that two people in a truck were trying to get my attention in front of me. They said that they liked my outfit! Our brief conversation was done entirely in gestures. XDD

Oh god, I’m finally done writing this post. Writing snippets when I have time every night is bad for mental health.

Also, if all goes well tomorrow, I’ll be flying off next Tuesday. Meanwhile, RUSH HOUR EVERYDAY. OTL

Hopefully this post tides you over till next month week or something. ^^;


  • shasha

    YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this! GIN-CHAN!! ♥♥♥♥♥
    I noticed his JUMP should have Ichigo on the cover since Gin-chan really likes Bleach.

    Yup, we got a great haul, and it’s okay about the message on the gashapon I gave you. Haha, it was about there so *thumbs up* And sankyuu for Sebasti_a_n. Hahaha.

    Ew for how I look now and so long ago! Hahahahahaha. Maybe you’re right… that the reason for my photos being blur is because I move too much >__< Boo.

  • Lemonzest

    Hi, ren… you guys seem have a great time with that manga festival.. looks so hillarious.. the live comic characters are so interesting..
    especially the stuffs.. OMG they’re so cuteeeeeeeee….

    Ps: ren, u’re from singapore right? wanna ask you, can singapore people speak melayu? i’ve ever heard that the singapore original language is melayu, but the government root out the english as a national language. is it true?

    happy new year anyway..


    • ✿ren

      Hi Kazu-san,

      Yup it was very fun! I like manga, but I haven’t been reading them that much nowadays. :(
      Hmm I’m not very sure specifically what kind of manga I like, since I go for either pretty art or an interesting storyline. XD

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