Spontaneous Fantasia

What I wore to a planetarium two weeks ago~ ♥

A pity that I went to Spontaneous Fantasia (upon Mumble’s recommendation) alone, because it was so amazing. It would have been even more awesome if I had someone to share the experience with. If only Jesca were still here. I miss her muchly.

I took a photo of this really cool guy who walked past me in the corridor, and later realised that it was JWalt himself. Whoa.

We got lighted bracelets thrown at us! It was super fun because for the last sequence, JWalt said, “I want you to put your arms up in the air, and wave them like you don’t care.” XDD

✿ blue sleeveless top: forever 21
✿ camel distressed jeans: forever 21
✿ yellow wild child feather earring: forever 21
✿ shoes: levis (via ross)

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  • shasha

    Because I want to comment. Teehee. Your stalker’s back! :D

    Love your outfits in this post, and the colours of the photos! <3 (:

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