Spanish Lace

I think I still hadn’t adjusted the time from Japan’s timezone back to Singapore’s. XDD

✿ Coral top: Cotton On
✿ Navy lace cardigan: Mouth Valley (Japan)
✿ Black shorts: bYSI
✿ Brown concealed heels: Muji
✿ Turquoise Buddhist necklace: gift (Nepal)
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz

And that was what I wore to meet Ade and Puey for lunch at Serenity, because Puey had a hankering for Spanish food:

I also gave them their souvenirs from the Ghibli Museum in Japan:

Ade’s Sakura Totoro strap.

The sakura matches her brilliant nails!

Puey’s Summer Totoro strap. When I saw the purple I knew it was for her. :D

Ade also brought back black sesame and almond snacks from her trip to Macau!

Surprise!!!! Hidden dust motes!

Lunch from my POV.

Lunch from Ade’s POV.

Puey is happy. XDD

Also, Ade noted that the three of us had Canon cameras. XDD

Finally, Ade and her super awesome self-aiming powers (with her Canon point & shoot):


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