Sole Superior 2016

I went to my first Sole Superior at Zouk this past weekend with Kentang! Sole Superior is the largest sneakers and streetwear convention in Singapore – JonF had been co-organising it for the past three years and would be doing so for the fourth year running last weekend. I wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead, although I do like me some comfy sneakers, so I thought I’d satisfy my curiosity by checking out the local scene. Managed to check out all these cool brands and also the original Sole Superior merch designed by Pras The Bandit! Payday had just arrived, but I had to steel myself with the fact that my life now has to be contained within 65m2 of space. Just the other day we donated six very heavy boxes to the Red Cross after yet another purge. I suspect that this sloughing off of earthly belongings will be a regular thing now that we’re trying to pare our lifestyle down – mainly so that we don’t create avenues for sneaky cockroaches to infest our house – but also a seemingly sisyphean task thanks to the perks of being a fashion blogger…

Anyway, here’s a photo collage because most of my photos inside Zouk turned out blurry. The photographer in me is very embarrassed:

Sole Superior 2016 at Zouk Singapore collageClockwise from top left: 1) OOTD, 2) Sole Superior merch(!!!) manned by friends Nat & Wenny, 3) Jason Markk shoe-cleaning, 4) a very crowded main arena, 5) Kentang and I found a super cute Nyan Cat van, 6) Crosslace shoeslaces which Kentang helped to brand.

JJ Fish Mart.

JJ Fish Mart with Kentang: 3 Fish Chirashi Don, Edamame, Hot Green Tea.

Also, meeting up with Kentang isn’t legit until good food happens. We went to JJ Fish Mart where I had a delicious 3 Fish Chirashi Don for $16. The fish slices were generously thick and juicy. Yum!

Here, have an outfit I wore a few days prior after snagging my Sole Superior tickets because I was excited about it. I even brushed the dust off my yellow rubber Chucks! The last time I wore it was in July. Time flies.

Topshop top, Aldo necklace, Mango cropped pants, Firmoo glasses, Fossil backpack, Converse yellow chuck taylor sneakers.

Topshop top, Aldo necklace, Mango cropped pants, Fossil backpack, Converse yellow chuck taylor sneakers.

Topshop top
Firmoo glasses
Aldo necklace
Mango cropped pants
Converse sneakers
Fossil backpack

Outfit photos assisted by Pa.

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