Smooth as a

I was on Skype video-chatting with Ti and Pa a few days ago, when I excitedly exclaimed that just moments before, I’d put on this green tea facial mask (free sample packet from a shop), and now my face was, as I put it, “as smooth as a baby’s backside.”

To which Ti laughed and promptly made fun of me for using such a disturbing analogy.

Of course, I had to prove him wrong. It is so a known phrase. This was followed by me trying to find out if the butt really is the smoothest part of the body.

And then Pa chimed in, “You know what’s the smoothest part of the body?

“The eyeball.”

I leave you with a picture taken months ago near downtown LA, right outside the train station at Little Tokyo:



  • shasha

    Yup, it is a known phrase! And lol, I remember that photo. Are those stuck on the wall or paintings or?

    And sorry about today! I don’t know if you got my Skype messages but I didn’t receive any replies from you so I just logged off ))):

    • shasha

      Oh I see! A kind of art that must be tried! :D

      And miss you too!!! Weekend chat? ♥ And ruru is in China now! She took SQ like you! ZHELUSSSSS. I have siblings in there but I’ve never taken it orz Hahaha, ok, only once when I was super young ):

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