Seoul: Oissii & Steak 59.5 & Mad For Garlic

I present, one outfit and all the foods in Seoul:


IMG_7734F21 green chiffon dress + Shop Notice Mag necklace (via Chictopia) + Paris Kids floral headband + Dr. Martens boots

While I usually tend to find Ottie’s eating habits deplorable at best, it was nice to find that he had stashed a pack of Haribo gummy bears in his backpack for the trip to Seoul. My tastes in artificially flavoured sweets fluctuate, but it just so happened that I couldn’t stop munching on the green bears that day. Perhaps because I had a green theme for my outfit. Or maybe I’ve always liked the green bears all along. I don’t know; it’s been a while since I’ve had gummy bears, having been slightly traumatised after using them for my final year animation piece in which I poked a lot of gummy bears for a stop-motion sequence, and ate a lot of the actors’ companions while at it. ^^;


Oissii is a small spot on the second floor along a main street in Hongdae. Ottie raved so much about the sushi, though I suspect that a large part of his adoration stems from the fact that he lived in the midwest and has never had a wide selection of quality seafood to pick from growing up… I admit that the sushi was good though (just not as fantastic as Ottie was making it out to be), and I wouldn’t be a very nice person if I were to begrudge him the small pleasures of foodgasm. The place was small- cosy rather- seating about less than ten people at once. Lucky for us, Ottie was able to read the korean menu, so we shared a 20 piece plate of sushi, which the chef would make on the spot while the old lady mixed our salads (with a small bowl of 冷麺 after). It was a great combination meal for only $25.





Steak 59.5

Ottie and I had lunch at Steak 59.5 in Gangnam one day. It’s a fancy western restaurant at the fancy food level in a fancy shopping mall in Gangnam, which is fancy. It was actually a surprise to find that the food there was good. I guess I tend to have a bias against mall restaurants. We got the lunch special set, which enabled us to choose from the appetiser, entrée, and drinks I believe.



IMG_7748Pasta with yummy, yummy fish roe toppings.

IMG_7749Surf and Turf with small portions that pack a punch of delectable goodness in each bite, although the turf could do with a weaker sauce in my opinion- I tend to favour the simpler fare.

IMG_7747In which Ottie commits the highest order of treachery by daring to ask our server for sugar to put into his cup of green tea. He got his wish in the form of sugary syrup. Ew.


Mad For Garlic

Mad for Garlic was one of the last places I dined at during my trip to Korea. We had the best last meal there, and the servers were really understanding in letting us park our suitcases at an area where they’d be watched over by the staff. Ottie and I got the Garlic Pane for our starters, and those two pieces of garlic bread were so sinfully good- crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, topped with so much garlic –  that we had to order another plate after. I didn’t realise until I got back to Singapore to find that Mad for Garlic has branches here too! It was pretty pricey though (as expected of Gangnam), but worth it in my opinion.








IMG_8778Glug glug glug.


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