In front of Sam Woo BBQ in San Gabriel.

San Gabriel: Bubble Tea & Dim Sum

Deb and I went to explore San Gabriel a while back. I’d promised her a Chinese heaven over there, and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s starting with my favourite picture of the batch that Deb took of me:

Outfit of the day, decked in grey.I’ve never thought I’d look as cool as this- must be the super duper awesome sunglasses I got that reminded me of fictional realities!

Outfit of the day in San Gabriel.

Outfit of the day, decked in grey and a Forever21 gold chain collar necklace.And here’s me smiling embarrassingly at Deb for all the photos I put her through.

Outfit of the day: T-shirt & Jeans backpack.My backpack never fully closed for the rest of the day, since I found a Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon for Ottie’s dad.

Bubble Tea in San Gabriel.We had to get bubble tea from Half & Half Tea House. They’re the closest to what Singapore has; not the stuff that the rest of LA seems to think Boba Tea is supposed to taste like…

In front of Sam Woo BBQ in San Gabriel.Deb and I in our favourite shades of black and grey. We didn’t actually eat at Sam Woo BBQ. XD


Evening sky in San Gabriel.We caught the sunset outside 168 Market, where we spent the better part of the video below exclaiming over ingredients we hadn’t seen for a while.

Dinner was had at Yum Cha Cafe somewhere in the area. The place was situated inside another asian supermarket that Deb commented looked and felt very similar to the ones she went to in China.

Yum Cha Cafe in San Gabriel.

Dim Sum from Yum Cha Cafe in San Gabriel.Dim Sum!

Here, have a video I recorded during the day:


I miss the girls. :(


K Petit dress
Forever21 earrings & gold-chained collar necklace
Dollhouse jacket
Dr. Martens pink lamper boots
T-shirt & Jeans backpack

Outfit photo credits to Deb.

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