San Diego: Comic Con 2012

I consider myself extremely privileged to have had experienced Comic Con twice. Last year was pretty awesome, but this year, I was much more prepared to get more amazeballs  squeezed out of it. Here have a video of stuff I filmed at the exhibition hall:

Accompanying pictures:

Adventure Time makes its mark down town, just as it did last year.

Deadpool graffiti-ed over The Amazing Spider-Man billboard. =3

It’s a pretty bad picture, but this (spoilery) Dexter meme-thing really tickled me.

Just Kermit and Yoda, chillin’.

Something from the Frankenweenie art exhibit.

Chewie even had his ‘hrrrrghhh’ voice! He was AWESOME.

Minecraft was what the boy in the video was making.

I didn’t know until I looked up from admiring this picture book that it was by the Ken Tanaka! Needless to say I went all spazzy fangirl at the booth. Plus, the guy sharing the booth (also featured in the videos) was super friendly and talked me into staying when I otherwise would have left~ Thank you!

The first thing I fixated on was the disproportionate head… Shamis’ fixation was on something else entirely. I’m disappointed in my otherwise gutter mind, I say.

I didn’t know that there was Before Watchmen before I saw this!

The artists of South Park left a message. XDD

I’m a sucker for weird cosplays.

Me, Shamis, and a random passerby.

Me, Evey, and Shamis at Extraordinary Desserts!

I recounted to Shamis what happened to me in the morning on the way to the con, where a homeless guy walked past me and my floral tights, and exclaimed, “Whoa those are some crazy tattoos!”. A random guy burst into laughter, and apologised between breaths that he couldn’t help listening, but it was a great story. We bumped into each other a couple more times after that, and each time he greeted me with, “Nice tattoos!”

I love Comic con. XDD


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