Red vs. Blue




It’s been a while since I tried out wacky, over-the-top photoshop filters. I sometimes miss the days when I was still learning about photoshop; my excitement at all the magic it could do regarding colours, textures and random inserts of text scrawled all over like in a neoprint (purikura) machine. I tend not to venture too deeply in that direction nowadays, rather preserving the integrity of the light captured in its essence. Then again, what constitutes the boundaries of artistic interpretation and documentation? I’m sure there’s quite a lot to read up on both sides of the argument. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I wore this one weekend while out with Deb and Jac. The argyle socks were purchased when I was at Minnesota, and it was the first time I wore them. Naturally, the rest of my outfit revolved around them, piecing together the warms and cools like a two-player game of Risk.


Forever21 orange dress, leaf earrings, messenger bag
Hue knee-length argyle socks
Urban Outfitters platform sneakers hand-knit hair tie (gifted)


    • ✿ren

      Yes do! I’ve never knitted, and have yet no motivation to embark on that obsessive journey, but I think it’s marvelous the things that people can create just from knitting!

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