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Well hello there! Evy suggested we both take a picture of us wearing this ensemble. She had given me this Threadless zombie tee for christmas two years ago, while I gave her a pair of geeky sunglasses for christmas last year; that plus the fact that we both kept one for ourselves because awesome things are awesome meant that this was the only logical conclusion. XD


This was Evy’s christmas package to me for last year!! (The both of us are extremely tardy with delivering our packages like that.) I blocked out her card with some grainy things (that look like stars in the universe if you stare hard enough) for some semblance of privacy, but the rest of the contents in this little box of awesomeness delights me, as always whenever I get something in the mail from her. I HEARTS THOSE LEONIDAS PRALINES SO MUCH! It’s been a constant feature in Evy’s packages, and I’ve come to create somewhat of a ritual regarding consumption of those wonderful pralines– one before going to work, and one before sleeping. However I cheat quite a lot… one piece in one sitting just isn’t enough! </confessions of a chocolate addict>


Easily the best Oreos I’ver ever had. Deb, Jac and I were shopping for groceries when we spied this and bought it on a lark. Best let’s-try-this purchase ever, in my opinion. The beginning taste of the cream reminds us of when you bite into a strawberry pocky! The packet was empty in record time. XD


These hamburgers are just one of Deb’s many culinary achievements. She’s the cook of the household, and I suspect she lives and breathes for the sake of whipping up something yummy.


I first tasted this extremely smooth, sweet beer at the Renaissance Fair in Minnesota, and couldn’t find it when I went back to LA! Apparently you can only find this in the midwest. So the next trip I made, I made sure to squeeze a 6-pack into my luggage. It did however, prompt the TSA to go all red alert on my possessions, tossing all my clothes I believe, and thoroughly distressing me when I found out about it. But it was almost worth it for this. Aless didn’t think it was beer though. I suppose it was too smooth to give him a kick. XD

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