Pro Tempore

This was the second half of my foray into smoke bombs earlier this year (check out my first smoke bomb photoshoot here). I had bought a pack of 3 red canisters from Enola Gaye to try them out and spent my last two canisters for this shoot in the nearby park. Very few people were willing to brave the cold outdoors apart from Ottie and I; we basically had the whole park to ourselves, which was very fine by me. And while the plush smoke was quick to dissipate in the wintry breeze, I suppose that it would work well the next time I find the opportunity to play with them again over a carefully-planned itinerary. Here’s hoping!

The red completely stained my hands, despite the glove I’d worn! Here’s a video of Ottie panicking because he didn’t want me to pet Poofus, who was just drawn towards me for some loving.

I miss these kitties.

Enola Gaye smoke bombs
Topshop top
We Love Colors gloves
Uniqlo jeans
Steve Madden boots

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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