So. Fab is leaving for a bit tomorrow. We were getting ready to leave the office, when he gave Zen some last minute instructions– just in case something happened to his plane. Insert Fab’s usual brand of spiky humour by stating that Zen would be the one to sabotage his plane, to which Zen exclaimed, “Why would I destroy my code?!”.

It became a running joke after I remarked upon the amusing that was Zen’s comment.

Jamie offered to drive us back, and Fab told us to take care and for him to drive safely. “Don’t destroy my computer!” He said.

“Why would I destroy my car?” Jamie retorted.

It was past midnight.

This was taken last year; as usual, in accordance with my habit of procrastination.

✿ how the world ends tee: threadless.com
✿ cardigan: far east
✿ skirt, earrings, shoes: forever21
✿ socks: gift (topshop)

I am not making sense.


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