Pine Black Night

I have a certain fondness for items that tell a story, so when I got offered a chance to pick some quirky socks from Sammy Icon, I was spoilt for choice. One of them was Pine Black, in which abstract-looking triangles line up in rows- and oh look, there’s a pink one out of nowhere. Translating the description via Google offered up the following unedited story:

Wearing these socks instantly find yourself in a forest where birds sing and hear repinnya pine trees, be careful not to get lost in a thicket of wild pine forest. Watch out! Turn around! Bear! Shutkuyemo) Our socks you yourself will always feel safe. Enjoy!)

Needless to say, it was love at first sight. I even find the badly-translated text endearing.

I also dug out a Threadless tee I’m fond of because I’m a sucker for universe crossovers (Blooper & Cheep Cheep from Mario x Cast Away). I don’t get how it’s funny, but the illustration is cool, and that’s all that really matters. Wearing tees takes me back to the days when I went through a phase of obsessing over t-shirts from 2011 to 2012, but I’ve been somewhat over that. Perhaps because I’m no longer in the US and free shipping does not exist. The woes of being in a foreign country. XD

Outfit: 'How to Eat this?' Threadless tee,  Boyholic skirt, Sammy Icon 'Pine Black' socks, Cotton On shoes, Gap black rimmed glasses.

Outfit: Boyholic skirt, Sammy Icon 'Pine Black' socks, Cotton On shoes.

Outfit: Sammy Icon 'Pine Black' socks, Cotton On shoes.


How to Eat This? tee from Threadless
Skirt from Boyholic
Pine Black socks c/o Sammy Icon
Shoes from Cotton On
Glasses from Gap

Photos assisted by Bro.


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