Opposites and the Like

I’ve never considered a Maltese to be in my list of ‘oh look such a cutie pie!’. In fact, my preference lies with bigger dogs, with exceptions made for the pug or bulldog variety. Charlie, however, has this way of worming into your heart– you just can’t dismiss his friendliness and eagerness in doing everything, not even when he’s barking incessantly at the much larger canines across the street. Or when he’s jumping up and down behind the screened door as you approach the house. How can you not be amused by his enthusiasm as he scampers all over the place like a dog on caffeine when exploring places? I know I can’t.

Anyway, this was what I wore to crash a Philosophy class at a college in Minnesota. It was an interesting hour; one of the more active students who was asking and answering questions was a beefy guy who looked like he belonged at the sports field. Talk about punching my narrow-minded stereotyping in the gut. XD


Forever21 orange dress, blue satchel
Dr Martens white boots
borrowed Charlie dog
loitering Poofus cat (who’s a very pretty Maine Coon)

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