Of Volcanoes and Alleys

Earlier in December, I went to the National Museum with Shasha and Sal to see the Pompeii exhibit:

Corpses lined the entrance of the exhibit. These were people who died during the volcanic eruption that wiped Pompeii out. They were well-preserved from the ash that settled down, and someone had the bright idea to resin-cast them. Morbid, but very fascinating. This was a guy who was shackled during the eruption– a prisoner of some sort. :(

A pig.


And some more of my favourite displays in the exhibit:

Sal reading one of the books at the activity area at the end of the exhibit.

After that, Shasha and I went to Chinatown to meet up with Ruru. Ruru was still working though, so we wandered down the small streets of Chinatown and found ourselves a neat little alley to goof around in:

So cute! ♥

✿ Green striped dress: bYSI (Singapore)
✿ Green striped pullover: Mango (Malaysia)
✿ Navy leggings (120 denier): Top20 (Singapore)
✿ Dark grey sneakers: Rubi (Singapore)
✿ Gold leaf headband: Paris Kids (Japan)
✿ Blue animal backpack: shop in Ameyoko, Japan

I’m eagerly looking forward to when Shasha and I can take photos together! I just know that it’ll be super fun. XDDD

Also, I’m going to be scheduling posts from when I try to write them during the weekends, because there’s just no time during weekdays. What is this. :(


  • Mary

    Yeah, I’ve always been fascinated by Pompeii because the people and rooms and everything look frozen in time. That exhibit looks really cool. Also loved your little video to Ace of Base-hysterical!

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