New York: Tall Children

These are three stores in Times Square that appealed to Jesca’s and my need for geeking out and girling out.

The Disney Store:

I spent a good while playing with these Toy Story wheelies on top of the special ridged display set. XD

Stitch squeezy! I have to admit that squeezies disgust me a little, and I’m leery of it’s elasticity. Totally unfounded fears so far though. :S

I wish I had a Little Mermaid Barbie when I was young.

Mary Poppins!

Our love for Cars and the disappointment that it wasn’t a bigger hit than it should be was just one of many things Jesca and I bonded over. XD

Jesca the cowgirl!

Next, the Toys R Us in Times Square was a monster in more ways than one:

The first thing you can’t help but notice was the giant ferris wheel smack in the middle of the store.

I present to you the second monstrous thing in there:

Say hello to our grandiose animatronic king of lizards! She says Roar.

As a point of reference as to how monstrous our dear T-rex was, here is one of me beside her in that teeny tiny corner.

We were tickled by the subway metro card replica on a tee.

Also, gigantic Nerds!

Lastly, we fulfilled our girly need for room-decorating at Macys:

Their escalators were rickety-looking wood finish! It was awesome.

I want those lotus lights.

The decor made me want to revisit one of my dreams of being a photographer/product pamphlet display designer for IKEA and the such. =3



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