New York: Queens & Grand Central Park

Jesca, Dev, and I decided to go down to Queens to take a look at what all the fuss was about one day, it being reputed to be one of the more dangerous parts of New York, but all we saw was a scene not unlike downtown Los Angeles. Perhaps we were just traipsing through the wrong side of town, but in any case, it made for a pretty good day trip!

Jesca was so delighted to be spotting another Random Act mural.

I was pretty ecstatic about hydration too.
// Forever21 dress, bag, belt, and shoes
// McDonald’s very artificially-flavoured summer drink

We headed over to Grand Central park soon after; some sights along the way:

Farmer’s market.

 I liked the way these nuns contrasted against the shade, and took one picture of them. One of them noticed that I had a camera aimed at them after I’d taken the photo, and berated me for capturing their likeness. I think I made sure not to take a piece of their souls, so I don’t see why she would be so offended. :(

We passed by the American Museum of Natural History again, and took some time off to have a mid-day workout!

Finally, Grand Central Park:

Beautiful view from the Belvedere.

Dev in the act of asking a stranger to take our photos, while in the middle of le self-timer. :P

We chanced upon these performers while we were leaving the park, and they were good.



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