New York: Museum of Natural History

This day was a very special day for me, because I got to meet one of my favourite mentors, Bridget! She was my foundation drawing teacher back in my first year of art school, and she was such an inspiring person with a wealth of knowledge to share, that I really wanted to major in figure drawing at the end of the year. Unfortunately, there was no such major offered, so I waffled for a while before choosing animation instead. Bridget had recently left the university, and had gotten back home to the United States, so we got to meet up in New York when Jesca and I were in town. <3

We rendezvoused at the famous Grand Central Station, where its architecture awed the both of us. I was even hoping for a flash mob there, a result of much media conditioning. XD

The exterior of the famous building.

So many people!

The domed ceilings are so high.

And lovely!

Bridget brought us to the underground entrance of the Natural History Museum:

First off, was the taxidermic mammals we know today, with beautiful painted backgrounds that these photos do no justice to:

The moose were majestic. I never knew how large and fatal they were to my existence until I saw the display!

So amused to see a blooper in one of the displays. XD

Bridget in front of a wide variety of things I wouldn’t want near my person.

There was another room dedicated to life and the sea. Jesca had absolutely no love for those of the aquatic persuasion, so we parted ways here– Bridget and I to explore more of the museum, while Jesca to search for the apartment in Brooklyn that Friends was based on:

It’s not clear here, but there was a humongous whale suspended at the top of the room.

I was captivated by the beauty of the green gel that was used in the display.

The largest mosquito I have ever seen in my life. (This is just a mock-up in case anyone believes in nightmarish blood-suckers.) XDDD

I loved the sculpted animals in one of the displays.

Something that should be familiar to most of us interested in our tool-wielding ancestors and their cousins.


Poor little guy running for its life from the big bad monster chasing after it.

I guess I may have raised some brows when I decided to climb up on a small ledge… ^^;

One of the many detailed illustrations saying, “roar!”

Bridget also has had documented our excursion at her studio blog, Blue Horse Arts. She has more detailed information on stuff, like what the displays were called, as well as a perspective different from my touristy eyes.

And well, if you’re ever in the area, she is one of the greatest and kindest mentors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. So check out her studio!



  • shasha

    Bridget! <3
    Definitely one of my favourite mentors too!
    I will never know if she knows my name because she always calls me by your name because we were always together ^^;

    I wanna go to Museum of Natural History too! XDD

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