New York: Met

I’ve mentioned earlier that Jesca isn’t one for museums, though she was game enough to provide her company when I wanted to go to some. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was a museum so epic and awesome that Jesca actually admitted liking it! Score. XDD

We almost got lost before spying the building with a cluster of humans attached on the front. There was even a busker playing the saxaphone at the foot of the steps, and one of his songs was 茉莉花! Amazing.

Two of the early pieces I really liked:

Aquamanile in the Form of a Crowned Centaur Fighting a Dragon, 1200-1225

Neptune holding a Dolphin, a Nereid with a Shell, ca 1600

We passed through a beautifully ornate red room.

Some pretty pretty things for a tea party.

The intricately-decorated furniture was what made Jesca change her mind about this museum.

The queue for the Alexander McQueen show was long.

Some sneak shots of my favourites because I am a badass.

Security waves a friendly hello to me and my camera.

I saw a typical bust of Voldemort~

The beautiful lobby.

I still don’t know why there would be a see-saw in a bus lane…

The Met was one of the most comprehensive museums I had ever been to. There were huge galleries dedicated to each period, and frankly, it was a little intimidating to attempt to go through all of them in one day. But it was so much <3s. :)

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