Nevada: Las Vegas

I think I’m taking after Mum in terms of time-elasticity… a large part of that was probably my reclusive funk as of late. But here is part one of two of the Vegas trip in photos!

I couldn’t live without my laptop. That, coupled with my very metal-laden SLR in that bag, meant a half hour walk of doom, sweat and roar.

Ade and I stayed at the MGM Grand, a.k.a. That Green Building. I admit I couldn’t see it until the last night because I only noticed the exterior of the hotel in the mornings, when it was blue.

It was St. Patrick’s Day during the weekend, so a lot of people wore green on Saturday. My housemate scared me into packing something green because she said I would get pinched by strangers if I didn’t. Even Krispy Kreme had green-themed donuts! ♥

Ade and I were one of the first to get tickets for Cirque Du Soleil’s Kà for that night!

We headed down to Hotel Aria for a buffet dinner (boasting seafood) before catching Kà:

Aria gastronomy heaven part one: Crab legs. This was our second serving of crustacean limbs.

Ade had grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed.

Aria gastronomy heaven part two: Desserts.

And then, under the urging of Ade, we went back to change into something more classy for the performance:

A sneak shot of the amazing rotating platform in the back of the stage. It was spectacular how the performers flew and climbed like spiders on gravity-defying vertical.

These structures were located on both sides of the theatre, and performers flew from the railings before the show started. Also, there were bird kites. ♥

Post-show, and buffet evidence still hadn’t disappeared from my stomach. XD

I wanted to take some pictures down the long and dimly-lit hallways of the hotel we were staying at. XDD

Finally, the most beautifully-decorated hotel in Las Vegas, Hotel Bellagio:

Even the store-windows look so pretty!

Also, the following is vaguely related, but I miss Singapore. Nothing spells home like food, eating food with friends, and my home toilet.

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