Firmoo red glasses, Max kurta, heart-patterned tights, Aldo wrap sandals, vintage earrings.


When Shasha and I visited Chennai, we were swept up by an entirely new culture, and of course, the clothes. We might have bought a tad too many Kurtas in our shopping expedition, and so the logical thing to do, in my mind, was to wear them when we came back to Singapore. I wore my favourite piece one day and paired it up with a pair of heart-patterned tights instead of the loose pants usually worn with the garment. I thought the unconventional pairing went well together, but ever aware of the increasingly PC culture on and offline, I eventually decided to retire these beauties to the back of the wardrobe, especially now that I don’t even have the excuse of being in the proper geographical context. It spurred a thought bubble on cultural appropriation and the boundaries of being politically-correct in my head; I suppose it’s still pretty contentious, if you’re trying to find an answer on Wikipedia. For myself I don’t feel particularly attached to what’s supposed to be my culture, so I don’t even have the confidence to judge when other people take it – my only qualm is if it’s appropriated poorly from an aesthetic point. So I guess I’m not in a position to justify when I take from other cultures? I don’t even know anymore, so I guess I’ll shut up now.

Firmoo red glasses, Max kurta, heart-patterned tights, Aldo wrap sandals, vintage earrings.

heart-patterned tights, Aldo wrap sandals.

Firmoo red glasses, Max kurta, heart-patterned tights, vintage earrings.

Max Kurta.

Vintage earrings, Max kurta,

Vintage earrings, Max kurta,

Box of macarons from Annabella Patisserie.Annabella Patisserie macarons.

Max kurta
Firmoo glasses
Vintage earrings
Aldo sandals

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


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