Misikko Part Deux: Curling Iron

So, if anyone remembers when John from Misikko sent me a flat iron to review, I now have another wonderful package from them, and this time it’s a curling iron! As usual, the package never fails to amaze:

Funny Face Syndrome.

Jesca took photos of me opening the package. XDD

Purple colour scheme this time! I’m very tickled by the Misikko eyemask after having featured mine in a video the other time.

ALSO, BUBBLE WRAP GALORE!!!! It is Teh Aweshumz. ♥

The main attraction.

Three different diameters for different kinds of curls! Also, the single glove confused me until I found Youtube tutorials on curling irons. ^^;

All the random stuff that was stuffed in the package! Eyeshadow, lipstick, hand sanitiser (again lol!), dental brush, nail buffer, eye mask, pretty purple roses. AWESOME!

On to the photos on the day I tried the curling iron:



Even with the glove, I got singed. What to do when you’ve got thin skin. ^^;

And the dorky fake!glasses I finally got at Melrose market after wanting one for a long time!

Sally Hanson’s some shade of pink, and OPI’s Mermaid to Order. It’s my first OPI, but it was totally worth the exorbitant USD$9.50– if not for having the word ‘mermaid’ in the name, then for the smooth rich pigments that hover between green and blue. I think I now know the difference between OPI and The Rest Of The Brands. :D

P.S. go check out Misikko’s curling irons and other hair products! I’m still very much in love with the flat iron I got the last time. =3

Thank you once again Misikko, for giving me the option of changing hair. ♥


  • catherine_sr

    I LOVE OPI nail polishes! They’ve been marketing a lot in Taiwan and there is a store that carries them right next to my apartment. They are ridiculously addictive. I love how smoothly the paint spreads over my nails, even with my shaky hands. You look so cute with wavy hair. I would love to try out a curling iron, but I just cut all my hair off for the summer… maybe in the winter :-).

  • shasha

    Yay for curling iron! We must go out as curlies one day :D
    But somehow you did a better job of curling your hair with a flat iron than a curling one? Hehehe.
    And cute as always~ <3 Whee. I is more in love. Wahahahaha.

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